Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fruitarianism, To Me

[update - original from 1-8-12]

I feel like there are so many different forms of fruitarianism, every fruitarian seems to practice a little differently, and for different reasons. Some of us eat seeds and nuts still. Some of us eat greens. Some of us eat only raw, others will eat cooked fruit, and others will only eat one type of fruit in a sitting.

Every fruitarian seems to have their own definition of fruitarianism, their own beliefs about the diet - so, as someone who has talked about the wonders of this diet in the past, I figure I could provide a definition, of what I mean when I say that I practice fruitarianism.

Well, I eat fruit, very simply.
Sweet fruits, fatty fruits, vegetable fruits.

I eat commercially grown fruit, because my parents sponsor my eating this way, and purchase this food for me. And we're not super rich, so, though it would obviously be better for me, we just can't afford to eat all organic, and I don't expect my father to spend more than he already does on feeding me.
In the summer, I eat lots of organic fruits like zucchini and tomatoes, that are grown in our garden;

I do eat dried fruits, because they keep longer, so my father can buy a bunch and store it for when we don't have any other food in the house, or when I am not going to be home for an extended period of time, as it travels much better than raw fruit. Also, in the summer I will dry tomatoes and zucchini, since there is such an abundance of it at the time, but I will definately be missing these foods 6 months later.

I eat frozen fruits. I definately prefer them over dried. They taste more like the real thing, more fresh, alive. Personally don't like eating them frozen; I will take the fruits out of the freezer a day or 2 before I want to eat them, and put them in the refrigerator, so that they thaw without spoiling. I have also in the past tried blending frozen fruit in the blender, to make a sherbet kind of thing. It wasn't bad, but icecream was never really my thing.

I do not eat a mono diet of fruit, I will eat mixtures of fruit if I feel the need.
I do now eat mono-meals whenever possible, though if I don't have enough of a single food available, I don't think it is the end if the world to mix fruits.

I eat (or drink) juiced fruits, such as grapefruit. I really like citrus juices mixed with pure carbonated water.

I will eat olive oil, mainly drizzled over fresh tomato slices or something of the like; I also use olive oil rather than shaving cream and lotion, and it works super well.
I no longer use olive oil as a food at all. You can visit this post if you'd like to know why.

I will eat things like powdered Cheyenne pepper, or things of the like, but not herbs or spices made from roots.
Since adding greens back into my diet (visit this post for why I did this), I do use herbs. I still do not eat spices made from roots or seeds.

I do eat fruits with seeds such as raspberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes that have the seeds in them - but when it is at all possible, I work my way around, and avoid eating seeds. I do this because seeds are baby plants, who will never get a chance to live and flourish, if they are chewed up and digested by me; it makes me rather sick at the thought that so many people are so against abortion - but will eat eggs and nuts and things like it's nothing.

I do not eat plain seeds or nuts, because - as I said above, I like to avoid killing things,, and purposefully taking the life of a seed, to eat it definately falls under that category.

I do not eat coconut, as it is actually a nut, that would give life to a new tree if given the chance.

I do not eat foods that have been cooked over 110 or so degrees. I have experience as a raw vegan, and do believe that at a certain temperature, enzymes begin to denature, and therefore makes it much harder to digest the food you eat. (This is why many people feel sleepy after eating a meal.)

I certainly do not eat vegetables (any part of the plant that is not the freely given flesh surrounding the seed, nut, or other reproductive method), or animal products such as eggs, milk, and meat (by meat I mean all meat - red meat, chicken, fish..).
I do now eat greens. Visit here for why.

In addition, I would like to point out that I recently completely cut added salt out of my diet. I'll do a post in the future as to why I chose to do this.

I do not restrict my intake of fruits at all. If I feel the need to eat 12 avocados, I will do so, providing I have this many at hand. My body knows what it needs, if it tells me it wants something, I am going to try and give it what it needs. Likewise, if I am just not hungry one day, I will not force myself to eat, for fear of not getting nutrients or calories - as I've just stated, my body will ask for what it needs, nothing more; nothing less.

Along those same lines, I definately do not take vitamins. I have complete faith that this diet is what is right for me, as well as the rest of us. If they are vitamins I need, they can be provided by this food that is natural to humans. I don't need to supplement and drown our organisms with nutrients that it is not asking for, that it has no need for.

I follow this diet largely for ethical reasons. I do it because I've come to the realization that killing a plant to eat, is just as sick as killing an animal for food. Just because the tree has no voice to protest, doesn't mean it wouldn't if it could.
Despite this, I do also have complete faith, that an all-fruit diet is absolutely the one for us.
I feel it could solve many of the problems we deal with today, and ultimately create a much healthier, happier, empathetic, caring, understanding, calm, all-knowing, and ideal society.❤


  1. I don't know how many times someone has asked you this... or even if you have posted about this, but: You are a fruitarian and you are in high school!?!? How did you convinced your parents? You are amazing! I'm 18, and transitioning from vegetarian to fruitarian... and having a somewhat hard time... with my mom :/ however, I'm moving soon, and this will be solved :D Oh and I came here in the first place because I was googling about frozen fruits on a fruitarian diet. Totally agree with everything that has been said here, especially the 'everyone has his own fruitarianism definition' part. Keep improving and thanks for the post! <3 -Alyson Broskev

    1. Nice to meet you! Good luck in your transition, I know parents can definitely be hard to convince!
      My parents were really pretty unsure about my being fruitarian, especially at first. I told them about all of the research that I had done, and explained why I wanted to switch to fruitarianism. They didn't really agree with it, but decided to trust me and let me try it out. (Which I know a lot of parents wouldn't, I feel so lucky!) haha... In addition I tend to be pretty stubborn... So I think in a way maybe they figured there was just no way they were going to be able to dissuade me... Haha.
      They seemed to get A LOT more comfortable with the diet once I agreed to add greens back.
      And now - 8ish months or so since I made the switch, I'm healthier than I've ever been! So I guess you can't really argue with that(: haha

    2. You are lucky to have started so young. I'm sure I would've avoid so much pain and disconffort if I've maden the switch at such young age. And it's really impressive because young people generally don't think about health. I guess 15 year of bad eating habits is not enough make someone sick, but 25 or 30 certainly is, and then we start to question the way things work. I'm 28 and transitioning.

  2. Amazing! I think I know what to do to convince my mom... and if my 'plan' fails miserably, I'm moving in 2 weeks, so there isn't really much to do ;) I live only with my mommy (<3) and I'm reeeaally stubborn too.... but, where do u think that comes from? Lol, my mom's words in ghe house are LAW! But anyways, I'm going to tell her about all I know, all I have researched and probably show her some pictures. Do you mind if I use yours? A young, healthy fruitarian should help xD. I'm hoping to do that today, I will let you know how things go! :D -Alyson Broskev

    1. You're right - I guess you can't argue with research, experience, and success stories!
      I'm flattered that you would choose my photos, though! You can definitely show them to your mother if you like, I'd love to help however I can(:
      Good luck, again!

  3. Hey there, I think you will enjoy this song about a fruitarian lifestyle =) Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctIkyOntH1I

  4. Just so you know, even if you don't eat seeds or nuts because they are baby plants or any other reason, the seeds are already packed and waiting to be eaten at the store. My point is that you are not helping the "baby plants" at all, someone else will eat them so nothing was done. I love your blog and i am an aspiring fruitarian myself. Riht now i'm just trying to fugure out what to buy when i do groceries but i guess i'll just take a little bit of everything :)