Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Low Fat Raw Vegan Gourmet Veggie Pizza

I don't do complicated recipes too often, but I just got back from California - a week and a half of camping and living as simply as possible, and it's mother's day and the whole family is going out for pizza!

So just for kicks and giggles, I'm making myself a low fat raw vegan gourmet veggie pizza!

Here's what I'm doing:

2 - 3 c of young spring greens (I went out to our woods and picked mine own - violets and young dandelion leaves!)
3 stalks celery
A few dried apricots
A splash of orange juice
3 - 4 basil leaves
1 - 2 tbsp flax
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt-free pizza spices
1 - 2c Water

Blend all ingredients and squeeze through cheesecloth, or juice everything.

(Mix the juice you get with fruit juice - I like orange. Tomato would be good too. - and drink.)

Take the pulp and spread out in a circle. Dehydrate until somewhat chewy (or however crip you want it).

Once the crust has dehydrated....

Spread avocado on the crust.

Slice up veggies and put on top!

Good options include:
•Cherry (or regular) tomatoes
•Leek greens or green onions
•Sweet pepper
•Fresh Basil


After all the toppings were assembled, I sprinkled a little more salt-free pizza seasoning on top.


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