Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thought Of The Day

Criminalizing hemp because marijuana is an illegal drug is like telling a diabetic they shouldn't eat peppers because their cousin the potato is high in starch....

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Deep Breath

Deep breath, so deep.
Fill my lungs
With sweet carbon smoke

It's swirling upwards,
Painting a monochromatic
In crisp, cool air

Breathe deep,
I am awake.
Vibrant colors all around

Fiery reds
and golden leaves
Fall gently
When a breath moves through the trees.

Firm, supple ground
Beneath my feet;
Deep green mosses
At my toes

Rich black soil
The past from which
The forest now grows

And leaves fall too
Beginning again,
Back to the earth.

I'm walking now.
The forest changes
at my feet.

From cool, moist earth
To firm,
Dry with grasses

Warm, safe, golden sun
Cuts through
Fresh autumn air

Laying down I meet some locusts
And a fly or two.
Living it up
Before the air gets cold.

And cicadas still hum,
Closing the year
With that high-pitched little song.

The sun grows hot
As my eyes grow heavy
Cicadas hum in soft, warm blackness

Deep breath, so deep.
The forest fills my lungs

Swirling upwards now
Painting a monochromatic
In crisp, cool air.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Drug Of The Nation

Disclaimer: this post has little, if any, relevance to my blog.

Ok, so we can agree that caffeine is our societies "chosen drug", right? Everybody uses caffeine.

What if, one day in the future once weed has been legalized....lots more people start becoming open to it, and everyone starts smokin' it. Food production companies start putting it in prepared foods and stuff, and within however many generations, weed has saturated society, like caffeine has today.

Get what I'm saying?

The entire underlying fabric of our culture would change, with that simple change in substances we're putting in our body. Instead of being rushed, always busy, super competitive and always left feeling like there's something missing, we would instead be a loving, accepting, chill, thoughtful, friendly, (though maybe a little forgetful and aimless) society.

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Eat With Love

There are more and more young people out there who are starting to make healthy choices about their food and lifestyle. This post is my #1 tip for any young people - or anyone, really, who is working on developing a healthier lifestyle and more specifically, diet.

Hi there! First of all, it is so great that you are so conscious about your diet and health at such a young age. Good for you!

As a young person who has been putting a focus on healthy eating in my life for about 5 years now (that's over a quarter of my life!) My #1 tip for my peers attempting the same thing is, don't be hard on yourself!

When I first got into healthy eating, I was struggling with an eating disorder I'd been dealing with since I was in 7th grade, so I was very strict about following my diet, and I did it out of fear and not love for myself. This lead me to "succeeding" at staying on the diet, but it also lead to a lot of unnecessary stress that blocked me from being able to reap all the benefits of the healthy diet I was following.

I don't know how relevant or not relevant this is, but my biggest suggestion is to identify what is driving you towards the diet that you want to achieve. Is it fear of being unhealthy or fat? Or is it because you DESERVE all the best, healthiest foods, because you DESERVE to feel amazing all the time?

For me, it got a lot easier, and more effortless and enjoyable to eat healthy, when I finally freed myself of the eating disorder mentality and began to look at what I was eating with love rather than fear.

(Here is a post that I made a year ago about how I was able to begin to overcome my eating disorder. I've come a long way since then,, but this is how my recovery began.)

When you know that you deserve the best so that you can feel your best, slipping up and eating shitty food occasionally isn't as stressful - and at the same time, you're very likely to always choose the healthiest option available because hey - you are INCREDIBLE, and you and your body deserve the very best feel to run on, because you deserve to feel awesome.

Peace (:

This has no relevence whatsoever. But its pretty cool, am I right? :D

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fresh From the Store, or Frozen From the Garden?

Hi all!

I've been a fairly strict raw foodist for quite a while now. However, this summer,, I have found myself going away from that somewhat. Instead of living strictly on raw foods, I've begun to live strictly on foods that make me feel good, and foods that meet my needs well, without necessarily always being raw, or fruit.

For those who don't know me, I am a 17 year old vegan hippie child living smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin. Summer is a wonderful time for me, because summers in WI are gorgeous. Especially this year, we've had a perfect amount of rain and everything is green and lush and beautiful.

We maintain 3 huge, magnificent gardens, plus a blueberry patch, an apple orchard, some grape vines, and 2 raspberry patches.

Here's the first, where we're growing zucchini, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, and a whole lot of canaloupe. Behind it you can see our blueberry and yellow raspberry patch.

Here's garden #1. This guy's the main garden, the star of the it we've got zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn (which the raccoons keep getting to before us), red & yellow potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a million different kinds of peppers and tomatoes. Plus herbs like parsley, basil, and cilantro.

This is garden #2, where we grow most of our green veggies and such, that don't take up quite as much space - lettuce mix, kale, chard, chinese cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, onions, carrots, beets, dill, and cilantro. Behind, you can see our cute little apple orchard.

And finally, here's our asparagus, rhubarb, grape vines (they took a pretty serious hit last year,, there was a bad storm, which knocked them over, combined with last years drought - we're lucky we've still got grapes), and our red & black raspberry patch!

Oh, and just for good measure, here's our awesome compost pile that keeps everything in our garden so healthy!

These are BIG gardens, and there are only 4 of us - and nobody else in my family are as big of plant eaters as I. Which leaves us with a lot of extra produce!

In past years I, being the young, over-zealous and dogmatic raw vegan I was, felt that it would be better to eat only fresh produce from the store during the winter, than blanched, pickled, or dehydrated produce from our garden.

However, this summer, I've been starting to feel like I was so wrong. The produce I buy in the winter is conventional, where as what's in our garden is basically uncertified organic. Our produce has life force, and I have been lovingly involved in every step of its maturation. I'm finding I'd much rather get my nutrients from slightly processed, preserved homegrown produce than from questionable store-bought lettuce all winter. I'm kinda thinking low-/salt/-free, prefrably canning-free homesteading is the way to go.

So this summer, we've frozen several bags of kohlrabi and broccoli, and theres still more coming! I have bein dehydrating zucchini with some yummy salt-free Penzey's seasonings every day for the past week now, and I've also made a few dill & chipotle cucumber chips with our plethora of cucumbers (and dill lol). I've been making jar after jar of "freezer pickles" - I'll definitely do a post on that, promise! And we'll be making tomato sauce and salsa when Mom and I get back from the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013 (you can bet your booty I'll made a post on that, too!), and we we will be roasting and freezing most of our peppers. Finally, potatoes and sweet potatoes will be stored the root cellar for future use - and I plan on eating them. Even though they are not raw. (DUN DUN DUN.....) Only for dinner though. I still love getting my fruit on!

So, thats basically whats been going on with me! Keep tuned for more posts in the future - mom and I have a 20hr car ride ahead of us, so I should have a great plenty of time to type, haha.


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boobcups Are The Dumbest Thing Ever.

Boobcups in bikinis and swimsuits (I think they're technically called swimsuit inserts, or something politically correct like that) are, in my humble opinion, the dumbest thing ever.

They don't even support your boobs. Their sole purpose is basically to hide your nipples and make your boobs look more uniform.

There are SO many subversive messages to females, making us believe that we and our bodies are something that should be covered up, hidden, or changed, to be acceptable.

It's such bullshit. Keeping us worried about our bodies and image and not about things that matter, ftw.

If nothing else, take out those boobcups ladies! Why on earth should you be ashamed of your nipples poking through the fabric?! They are essentially NO DIFFERENT then those on every topless man around you.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Low Fat Raw Vegan Gourmet Veggie Pizza

I don't do complicated recipes too often, but I just got back from California - a week and a half of camping and living as simply as possible, and it's mother's day and the whole family is going out for pizza!

So just for kicks and giggles, I'm making myself a low fat raw vegan gourmet veggie pizza!

Here's what I'm doing:

2 - 3 c of young spring greens (I went out to our woods and picked mine own - violets and young dandelion leaves!)
3 stalks celery
A few dried apricots
A splash of orange juice
3 - 4 basil leaves
1 - 2 tbsp flax
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt-free pizza spices
1 - 2c Water

Blend all ingredients and squeeze through cheesecloth, or juice everything.

(Mix the juice you get with fruit juice - I like orange. Tomato would be good too. - and drink.)

Take the pulp and spread out in a circle. Dehydrate until somewhat chewy (or however crip you want it).

Once the crust has dehydrated....

Spread avocado on the crust.

Slice up veggies and put on top!

Good options include:
•Cherry (or regular) tomatoes
•Leek greens or green onions
•Sweet pepper
•Fresh Basil


After all the toppings were assembled, I sprinkled a little more salt-free pizza seasoning on top.


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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buying Enough Bananas!

Hello! Do you struggle on a raw diet? I have one big tip to share today if you are someone who falls into the large camp of people who want to, but do not know how to accurately execute a raw vegan diet.

A big turning point in my success on a low fat raw vegan diet was when I really learned how to buy fruit like a fruitarian. (Why fruit-based raw veganism is the only way to go!)

These days, we normally try to keep 40+ lbs of fresh bananas in the house, plus maybe 30 (give or take) lbs of frozen bananas in the freezer at all times (we have 2 large chest freezers so this is no problem).

Bananas are very cheap and dense in calories, so they make a pretty obvious staple unless you live in a mango forest or something. (; They are easy to peel and prepare and make the best smoothies - I'm not even a huge fan of plain bananas, but I wouldn't make a smoothie without them! (Here are a few if my favorite smoothie recipes - bad food combining though some may be.)

I normally buy discounted "overripe" nanas Kwiktrip (a gas station in central US). Depending on how many discounted bananas they have - or how few I have at home - we'll buy anywhere from 5 - 40lb at a time. The person at the cash register sometimes doesn't blink an eye. Other times, s/he'll ask if I'm making banana bread....I tell her I make lots of smoothies and she's like, "oh, I see." No big deal. (:

I think a big part of being successful on a low fat raw vegan diet is getting over caring too deeply about what people think. At first, you may feel crazy buying 40lb of bananas at a time. people around you may confirm your feelings either verbally or with shocked looks. But wait!

Ask yourself what's REALLY so crazy about buying loads of bananas? You eat lots of bananas, they make you feel good, etc. You have very good reasons for buying those bananas! What is far more crazy when you think about it, is spending hard earned money on all the junk crap (potato chips, instant meals, little debbies...) you see in every other shopping cart! Who wants to put their resources into stuff that's not doing good things for anyone, and actually makes them feel worse?!

Once you've found a place you like to buy bananas, you can give them your name to a produce manager and suggest they call you if they ever have a large amount of "overripe" bananas. This is good for you and the store! That's a symbiotic relationship! (I think. I had bio last year. We dont talk about symbiosis too much in physics :p).

In conclusion, bananas are awesome and they will make your raw vegan life so much easier! Buy loads of bananas, specifically discounted ones if available. Get to know the people in charge of the fruit. And remember... Going through 4 - 7+lb of bananas per day is not crazy! It's just abnormal. (;


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Friday, April 12, 2013

I Do Not Pledge Allegiance

I do not pledge allegiance to the United States of America.

I pledge allegiance to the people of all countries, to every being with consciousness, and to the earth upon which each one of us is ultimately dependant.

Religion, race, species, and country separate us because groups may have different goal.

But every individual has similar needs. We are all brothers and sisters in our need for love and happiness. Our separation is an illusion.

Remember that everything works in a feedback loop. To feel love and happiness and acceptance for others only makes it easier to feel happy emotions in our own life.

Peace out, guys! (:

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Struggling On A Raw Food Diet?

Are you not getting everything you had hoped for out of your raw food diet? If so, you're not alone! Many, many people find themselve exactly where you are. I myself was struggling with my raw food diet for quite a while, until I discovered the information that I am going to share with you in this article.

Most raw foodists say they eat "a lot" of food. But the thing about raw food is that it is MUCH less calorically dense than the cooked food they were raised on. My first thought, if you are not feeling awesome, is that you are not getting enough calories. Are you tracking your caloric intake on a website like Doing this really helped me to better understand the foods I was eating, how much I should be eating, ect. I suggest aiming for at least 2500cals per day for women, 3000 for men, and significantly more than that if you excersize or are otherwise active.

Next, it's best to examine where your calories are coming from. Namely, are you eating enough fruit? On a raw diet, there are 2 places to get our calories from: fats (nuts, seeds, avocado) or sweet fruits. Obviously, greens/veggies could never supply enough calories to keep us going throughout the day. Fats are good in small amounts (maybe 1 avocado or 1 - 2oz nuts per day), but I don't think there can be much argument that we shouldn't be getting the bulk of out calories from them!

So that leaves us with fruit as the bulk source of our calories. What could be better? Everybody knows how nutritionally awesome fruit is. However, sadly, many people are scared to eat too much fruit because it's "too much sugar". I hope you haven't fallen into that trap. Remember that the sugar in fruit is accompanied by fiber, nutrients, water, ect. It is not refined and it is nothing to be afraid of. It is worth noting that generally any study that points to fruit as the source of health complications (such as obesity or diabetes) used isolated (refined) fructose or glucose, NOT whole fruit.

In fact not only is fruit not bad for us, but it is what our bodies run on most optimally. It is delicious, it digests so easily, and it kicks cravings like none other! The energy in fruit is very easy for us to utilize, as our bodies run on glucose. It takes very little relative effort by your body to convert simple carbohydrate sugars to glucose, which means more energy for you!

Now that we know fruit is the best source of calories, how much of it should you be eating? Fruit is far less calorically dense than cooked food or even raw fatty sources of calories like avocado, nuts or seeds. In a typical day I eat:

-breakfast: 9-10banana smoothie, w/ water (or other calorically equivalent smoothie) for around 1000calories
-lunch (I eat at school): green smoothie (ex: 5nanas, 1c pineapple, 1/2cilantro, 1c greens, 1c water) or monomeal (of oranges, this time of year), about 600cals
-2nd lunch (I eat again several class periods later in study hall): green smoothie or smoothie, about 600cals
-dinner: GIANT SALAD (1+ head lettuce, half a cuke, half an avo, 1 tomato, strawberries/apples/oranges, and 1/2c+ dried fruit or dates, + fruit-based, homemade, fat-free salad dressing (leave me a comment if you'd like some ideas, I'd definitely do a post on that), or a blended salad, 400 - 500cals
All this = around 2,700cals.

Eating this way, I feel AMAZING, better than I can remember ever feeling! I have so much energy. I am 5'2 weighing 100lb, and I've been eating this way for over a year all the sugar in this fruit certainly hasn't made me fat! (;
(Oh, here you go, if you don't believe me:)
I was never fat, but I haven't always had a nice, flat stomach, either! Here's a before & after.

What does a typical day of food look like for you, in detail/numeric amounts? If you still have questions, feel free to post a comment below!

Peace. (:

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Strawberry Ice-Cream Shortcake

Yum! This is so decadent and super simple and healthy - only 4 whole food, raw ingredients!
It would make an excellent Valentines meal or dessert.

There's two parts:

—30 halawy dates (or 15 medjools)
—¼c dried, unsweetened coconut

—¾c frozen strawberries
—1 banana

Simply blend dates & coconut until a sticky, sweet dough is formed. Press lightly into bowl or dish.

Blend bananas & strawberries with a little bit of water. Pile on top of your shortcake pastry and enjoy!

This recipe makes a nice meal for 1 person, or a good dessert for 2.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comforting Kale Soup


—3 c kale (preferably baby kale)
—1½ c warm water
—1Tbs lime juice
—1in ginger (or to taste)
—½tsp turmeric
—⅓tsp cumin seeds
—½ avocado

Easy Prep:
1) Blend kale with warm water
2) Add spices, ginger, and lime; blend again
3) Add avocado and blend one last time

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When I Die,

I don't want to be embalmed! I don't want to be cremated!

I want to be dumped right back into the ground, where my energy and my matter can rejoin the earth...and the unverse!

I don't want my energy to be used up in a silly, human-induced fire! And NO horrible chemicals in me, please.

Why would somebody want their physical human form to last forever (thousands of years..), seperate from the rest of...everything? That doesn't sound peaceful. I don't want to extend my ego while I'm alive - much less, it doesn't need to be encouraged when I'm dead! I realize I am nothing but a small part if the universe.

But it is not and never has been me against the universe. It is not me and the universe. I AM the universe.

And when this is realized, death becomes so much more than the end of my consciousness.

And after I am dead, I wish for my physical form to rejoin the incredible, ever-changing, ever-moving infinity that is the universe. Disperse my atoms, let my energy go to a thousand different places. May the matter that makes me one day be a bird. A hundred plants. New, beautiful people. And eventually, cosmic dust. Meteors. Stars. Planets. Life forms so far away that the human race will never be able to reach them.

That sounds so much better than sitting in a box in the ground, stuffed full of chemicals. Don't you think so?

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creamy Low Fat Raw Vegan Dill Chowder

Hi there! Yes, yes this is a new recipe. And yes, I realize pretty much all my recipes are green. I love greens, they make me feel awesome! (And they have a pretty overpowering color.)

I love fruit, too. Fruit makes me feel awesome as well.
However - I don't know why, but - in the winter, I'm much more attracted to greens & savory foods. I normally eat greens with at least two of my meals in the winter, unlike in the summer, when I might have a some greens every few days.

To ensure I'm getting enough carbohydrates with my green soups and so that they are more satiating, I normally add some sweet dried fruit or dates to my soups.

Anyhow, my favorite way to eat greens is blended. It's less natural, I know - but I feel better afterwards, and enjoy eating blended greens over whole greens, generally.

For lunch, I like to have either a green smoothie or green soup.

Today, I made myself some nummy Creamy Dill Chowder Soup, and now I'm gonna share it with you.


  • 1¼ cucumbers
  • 1 c water
  • 1 c fresh dill or 1Tbsp dried
  • ½ c cilantro
  • ½ c salad greens
  • 1Tbsp lemon juice
  • ½ avocado
  • 1½ c corn kernels (one corn cob=about 1c corn kernels)
  • 13 small dates (or 7 medjools)
  • ½ tomato
Easy Prep
  1. Blend 1 cucumber with water.
  2. Add dill, cilantro, salad greens, lemon. Blend again.
  3. Add scooped out avocado and blend one last time, until smooth.
  4. Chop dates and tomatos into chunks & slice ¼cucumber thin (like in photo to the right!)
  5. Pour soup into bowl. Mix in veggies & fruits.
  6. Enjoy!
(Sit cross-legged on a wooden floor while playing Jack Johnson as you eat for full effect.)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What A Teenage Fruitarian Eats In A Day

I get people asking me often enough, what and how much they should be eating in a day. I obviously can't answer that 100% - we're all different; only you can answer that by experimenting and finding out what what works for you.

However, I can show you what works for me and what I do, to give you some sort of basic understanding.

So, here is a play-by-play of everything I'm eating today!

Breakfast - smoothie (1L):
—4-5 bananas
—2c OJ
—¾c strawberries (or other berry)
Blend everything until smooth.

I always start my day with a smoothie! I sometimes experiment with different foods for breakfast, but in my experience, a smoothie for breakfast is the best! It's hydrating, flavorful, easy to digest, and full of healthy carbohydrates to fill you up and energize you for the day.

I've found that it's very important to get enough calories in my breakfast meal, and that eating a lot early in the morning provides excellent energy levels and a positive mood for the whole day - plus I'm not hungry all the time for the rest of the day.

This size smoothie normally fills me up until lunch - but some days I'm hungry earlier, so I often bring a small snack of whole fruit or extra smoothie to school with me (it almost always gets eaten up, either before lunch or as a snack in the afternoon).

Snack - extra green smoothie that wouldnt fit in my lunch jar. Aha

Lunch - green smoothie (1L):
—2c romaine
—1c water
—½lemon, juiced
—1.5c pineapple
Blend greens with water and lemon until smooth. Add fruit, blend again until smooth.

This is probably my favorite green smoothie! I love pineapple with greens.

For lunch, I normally have either a green smoothie or a monomeal of whole fruit.

I like the fruit monomeal because it is convenient and easy. Recently, my monomeal has been about 10 oranges. There're super easy to transport and don't go bad fast, so it's nice.

I'm out of oranges now, though, so I've been doing green smoothies instead. I really like the way they are sort of savory and sweet at the same time. I think this is awesome for lunch, because you're not looking for something quite as sweet at lunchtime as you had for breakfast, but you still need a good amount of calories to get you through the rest of the day. Making smoothies take a little extra prep time in the morning, but they are also a nice, convenient way to eat at school (or work).

Dinner - 2 heads of broccoli dipped in maybe ½c sundried tomato paste, with ¼ avocado and a sprinkling of curry

This may sound like a wierd meal, but I thought it was super good! Lol, I have really been loving broccoli the past few days! (And, it was on sale at the grocery store, aha.)

I've noticed that at different times, I'll crave different types of greens and fruits. (I normally can't stand broccoli or cruciferous veggies, but I sometimes go through phases of like a week, where I just can't get enough of them. Wtf?) I can't imagine this is anything other than my body telling me what it needs, which I think is pretty cool! ...I used to try and eat the things that I knew were *good* for me....but I've found that I feel and do a lot better when just eating the fruits and veggies I'm wanting to eat at the time.

Previously to my broccoli kick, I was doing a cucumber "pasta" just about every night, with a sauce that differed from day to day. I posted a few of these sauce recipes. Basicalky what I would do, would be blend up a base of about 1c water and 2 - 3c greens, then add spices, herbs, other veggies, to to taste, and see what worked. This was super fun, and made for awesome flavor variey - even when using basically the same base ingredients every day, hah. (:

I like having a savory, green meal for dinner. I often throw in a few dates or some dried fruit to sweeten the meal up. The sweetness helps to satiate better than if it were just a low-calorie green meal. The fact that I eat more carb calories earlier in the day, makes it possible for me to have and enjoy a green/salad-type meal for dinner.

I also had about 2½ cups of water today. I don't force down the water like I know sme raw foodists do. I just drink when I feel I need it. Many days, I don't actually drink water by itself (though I normally blend some with my smoothies), and this seems to work just fine for me.


So, thats my intake for the whole day! Keep in mind that I am a small-boned, 5'2, 100lb female. I don't do huge amounts of excersize, especially being winter - just some walking and about an hour of yoga every night.

So, obviously most people are going to need more food than this. The best way to figure out just how much food you need is to listen to your own body and experiment: there is no one size fits all answer.

If you are just beginning a low fat raw vegan diet, theres a good chance your tummy won't even be able to fit all the food you'll be needing! This is because cooked food is a more concentrated source of calories - a lot of the fiber and water that is present in raw foods is normally removed in cooked food. So it will take some getting used to, just do the best you can - and if you must, don't be afraid to maybe supplement with some rice for dinner, if you must. It's better than not getting enough food, in my opinion!

Hope this was helpful to you!


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Body Is The Universe

My body is the Universe.

Every atom that is me
Has unfathomable history—

One may have been a king
In his kingdom long ago...

...could have been a petal
On the blossom of a peach tree...

...a meteor
Hurdling through the galaxy...

...or a star, 
Shining long before the earth was formed;

My body is a million histories
But it's all one Reality.

I am Everything that ever was:
And everything that will ever be
Will be the Same matter that is me

No, I am not an individual
but rather
the Universe, with its ever-changing form:

Converging here, Destructing there
All but One Consciousness. All but One Existance.

So if I may as well be you,
And you could very well be me,

How hard is it to Love?
How difficult is Peace?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Super Creamy Green Protein Pasta

The first thing anybody ever says when they find out you are vegan is, "but where do you get your protien?!" We are warned (incorrectly) to make sure we're eating lots of protien to replace the meat that we've left off of our plates. While that's pretty much a giant load of BS that they've swallowed fed to them by the multi-million dollar meat & animal secretion industries, it does make sense that people might be worried about this.

I don't think anybody actually has anything to worry about, but the placebo effect can work wonders. So if you're worried about your protien (or just craving a healthy, savory, low fat meal!), this recipe is for you.

Is not only packed with protien (at just over 20g per serving), but its one of the tastiest, creamiest low fat meals I've had!

Here is my latest creation, Creamy Green Protein Pasta.

—3 cucumbers
—15 small dates

—1c greens
—1c peas
—1c water
—¼ avocado
—Singapore Salt-Free Seasoning (found at Penzey's)

1) Spiralize cucumbers
2) Chop dates

3) Blend greens with water
4) Add peas and blend again
5) Add avocado and blend one last time

6) Pour sauce over noodles & dates
7) Sprinkle Singapore Seasoning on top liberally (if you dont have singapore seasoning, its basically a curry with lemon and black pepper)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tomato-Orange Salad Dressing

This raw salad dressing is fat free and salt free for optimal health!

I put this dressing on a salad I shared with my SAD parents, and they loved it! It's super flavorful, tangy, creamy, and sweet - just the right balance! It makes a great sauce for raw pasta, too.

—¼ container grape tomatoes, or 1 tomato
—2 oranges
—⅓c sundried tomatoes (soaked)
—2 cloves garlic
—oregano, to taste
—basil, to taste

1) Blend oranges until smooth & creamy.

2) Add sundried tomato & garlic. Blend until smooth.

3) Add fresh tomato and herbs. Blend more for a smoother dresssing, less for chunkier dressing.

4) Pour over salad of your choice and enjoy!

Peace. 