Friday, December 7, 2012

Before & After II

Hey! I just realized, yesterday was my one-year blogiversary! Exciting day. Haha

In honor of a year passing since my first blogpost... I figure perhaps another before and after is in order. 

I honestly haven't changed in weight that much, but I have been getting stronger, losing retained water weight, etc. - also, I think I look significantly healthier now than I did a year ago...or two years ago...or three!

What do you guys think? 
This is me! Today! (Actually, that's a lie. It's me, last night, before I went to bed. Haha)
I've been raw vegan for 2 years, and vegan for 3 - and honestly I can't remember feeling better than I do right now! So glad I discovered LFRV.

Oh my goodness! Don't laugh, guys! Haha. This is me almost exactly a year ago! I honestly didn't realize there was such a change!
Well there it is, folks. This is before I removed nuts and oils from my life - and you can see the difference!

And here I am 2 years ago! Haha.
It's almost exactly a week after I went raw, I believe!
Don't be fooled by the relative healthy-looking-ness.
I was pretty much starving myself at this point,, and I had loads of makeup on.

..That's all I've got for ya today! Peace! 

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  1. I'm new to low fat/raw vegan and just found your blog- I love it! You look great too!