Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Are You Buying?

Really says it all... Wordlessly. <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thinking About Trying Fruitarianism?

These are just a few tips that I have for... Really, anybody. Specifically, those thinking about starting a fruitarian, frugivorous, raw vegan, frugan, vegan, or vegetarian diet!

Greens. My diet does consist of some greens, though ethically I don't feel that this is ideal. Obviously I would prefer to be eating nothing but freely given fruit - however, there are no 100% fruitarians in nature, and minerals tend to be much more abundant in vegetables - so, I believe that for optimal health, one must eat some veggies, the best being delicate leafy greens like lettuce (try to stay away from cruciferous and root veggies, they are harder on digestion). To stay as ethical as possible (if this is your goal) always make sure to only take what you need without killing the plant - for me it is an important difference, between taking what I need and killing.
I don't eat things like seeds, nuts, grains, spouts, and root veggies - as it is necessary to take the life of a plant in order to eat any of these. These are not ideal foods for humans, at any rate, so I advise that everybody stay away from them.

Eating enough. Another important thing is to eat enough! Fresh fruits have high water content, so it will seem like you are eating much more, but you actually won't even be getting ENOUGH calories! At first you will want to make an account on a website like Cron-O-Meter that will track your calories and nutrition daily... Make sure you are getting AT LEAST 2,500 calories every day to fuel a healthy, exciting, adventurous lifestyle!

High carb, low fat!
This is the healthiest diet! Try to keep your carbs:protien:fat ratio to 80:10:10. Fresh fruits and veggies will supply this ratio very well, but try not to eat too much avocado or durian. Carbs fuel your body and give you energy and happiness (in addition, carbs never make you fat! Even if you did over eat on carbs...which is all but impossible...the excess carbs would be burned off as excess heat.) Too much fat or protein in your diet will make you feel less than your best, and lead to serious, degenerative diseases like diabetes or colon cancer in the long term. Though they can be enjoyed in moderation, try to keep from eating too much of fatty fruits like avocado and durian.

Stay away from cooked food!
Did you know that when you eat cooked food, your body reacts to it as a pathogen? That doesn't sound very healthful, right? It's not! When we cook food, carbohydrates carmellize, proteins denature, and fats carcinogize, producing compounds like acrymalide, which has been proven to cause cancer in mammals. In addition, most other nutrients are destroyed with heat, meaning that you are basically just eating empty calories - no wonder cooked meals leave don't leave you energized and invigorated!
(As a side note, if you must eat cooked foods, try to eat them steamed, as for some reason, studies show that this has the least carcinogenic effect on foods.)

Follow these tips and your diet will provide you with everything you need, in terms of nutrition! If you choose to follow this path, you are about to reach a whole new level of amazing, vibrant health, and you are just going to want to shout it to the world, 'cause its that great. (;

Good luck on your journey, and for sure feel free to leave a comment or send me over an email at, I'd love to provide whatever support or guidance you might need.
Or, feel free to just search my blog... I'm pretty sure I have some useful stuff in there (though a lot of it is also outdated, back from when I was eating high-fat.)

Wishing you all peace, love, fruit, and loads of sunshine! ☼

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annoying, Negative Vegans!?

We don't want to scare people into veganism, and we don't want people to become vegan out of guilt!

There are so many wonderful, positive reasons to go vegan - do it because something amazing will happen when you do; not because something bad will happen if you don't.

Benefits Of Raw Vs. Cooked Vegan

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Damn Illegal Immigrants! (LOL)

Going vegan will get rid of illegal mexican immigrants!

LOL. Just to clarify, I'm not racist at all. Though I don't totally agree with illegal immigration, I actually do sympathize.

However, I wanted to appeal to the meat-eating redneck population. How to do that? Racism and "patriotism". LMAO (;

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cure Your Constipation!

An LFVR diet is obviously the simplest, healthiest, most yummy way to cure constipation (as well as any other issues you might have). What are you waiting for?!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Youtube Videos!

So, my friend has recently jumped on board with veganism, and of course we have every reason to be thrilled!


In addition, it's certainly worth remembering that by eating vegan you are also declining to support an industry that enslaves and murders millions of animals in a single day.

Anyhow, after learning of all this, Brittany was convinced - and not only that! She's feeling very passionate about her decision! So, we were inspired to begin a YouTube series documenting her progress and experiences as/becoming a vegan, as well as discussing some important tips for succeeding on a vegan diet, as well as going in depth on why we should all work towards being vegan ourselves!
This series will be exceptionally nice for you if you love learning about the raw, vegan, fruitarian, 80-10-10, or any other diets of the sort - as we plan to (at least briefly) cover them all!

In addition, these videos are seriously just going to be a lot of fun! We both have a lot of personality, and a lot to say... And I'm sure this is going to shine through in these videos! (Can you tell I'm a little excited? Haha.)

This is our first video. It just discusses the reasons that Brittany chose to go vegan!

Second video, Brittany's first mono fruit meal! She discusses some of the simple reasons that mono meals, if possible, are always the best!

There will be more coming! And they'll be posted here - if you're interested, subscribe on here or on YouTube, and have an amazing, fruit-filled day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Miss You.

I miss you.
I didn't yesterday,
Or the day before...
But I'm weak today.
As thoughts of you flood my mind,
Everything else fades away.
I need to feel your lips,
I need to see your face,
I need to know you're still here...
I need your arms to bring me home tonight.
The girl that didn't bother me yesterday
Has reduced me to a jealous,
Insecure teenager today.
Break her heart,
And remind me that you love me.
Tell me I'm the only one you want.
Forgive me for my selfishness...
I need you to be mine tonight.

Simplest Sandwitches!

So simple, so yummy, so nutritious!

Only two basic ingredients!
  • Greens (romaine, red leaf, iceberg...whichever's your favorite)
  • Tomato
  • +optional condiments
Making them is so simple as well!
Get out all of your ingredients, slice tomatoes.
Put a slice or 2 of tomato on lettuce leaf. (Here I'm also putting on a mustard sauce.. I'll discuss this below.)

Fold lettuce over, bite, and enjoy!!

And now for a few optional condiments that I think taste rather delicious! (In case you don't think you could enjoy just lettuce and tomatoes... or are just looking for a way to spice it up.) I don't believe any of these are technically 80-10-10 though, in case that's important to anybody.
  1. Mustard sauce - mix some mustard with a little agave, maple syrup, or date paste; spread a little on each piece of tomato.
  2. Black pepper, oregano, garlic - this is not
  3. Chili pepper, lime juice
And of course, you can experiment with your own concoctions as well!