Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cost On Fruitarian/LFRV Diet

So, recently, I fell in love with a lady by the name of FreeLee, who runs a website called 30 Bananas A Day, and has multiple YouTube videos where she talks about her diet. This one is definitely my favorite.. I love her no bullshit, not afraid of being politically incorrect style. Aha! Anyhow, she is not actually fruitarian - she eats greens, I don't know about veggies - but she definitely follows a high-fruit diet. A very high-fruit diet.

She promotes a high calorie, high carb, low fat raw vegan diet. 80-10-10.

Her videos convinced me to start cutting avocados and any other fats out of my diet - and oh my goodness, I feel amazing. Can't even put it into words.

However, since I've cut fats out, I find I feel hungry a lot more often - probably because juicy fruits digest so much more quickly than fats. Since I wholeheartedly believe in eating whenever you are hungry, that means eating a greater quantity of food. Like, even more than the large quantity I was eating before.

Well, Pops and I were talking, and they spend $70 - $100 per week on food for me! God, they are so amazing. They don't even wholeheartedly believe in the diet, but they trust me and support me enough that they are willing spend about half of our entire food budget on moi, just so that I'm happy and healthy?

I feel really lucky that Daddy would do that for me - but I also feel so bad. That's a ridiculous amount of money to expect them to spend on just me. So, Papa suggested that we try out giving me a budget of $40 dollars per week for food. It's not a lot - especially when you think about produce prices at the supermarket.... But it's a quarter of what the Dad normally spends on the entire family for groceries in a week.

So, in the following weeks I am going to try living on $40 worth of fruit... And especially finding ways to stretch that $40 into the largest amount of food I can - lots of bananas, I'm thinking...at least until the garden starts producing! Haha.


  1. Why don't u check out wholesalers? Michael Arnstein does that, and he says is the best way. Buying most of your food from a supermarket? Sounds expensive x$ Were I live there are many mini fruit markets ALL OVER THE PLACE! And the fruit is cheap, however, if I find myself with a tight amount of money I will of course hit a wholesaler. Check how Mike Arnstein does it at www.thefruitarian.com I don't know if you have checked him out already, but thought that mentioning his method wouldn't do any harm :D -Alyson Broskev

    1. Found it!!!! Hope is useful! :) http://www.TheFruitarian.com/index.php/2010/07/fruitarian-produce-shopping-professional-level/

    2. Thank you! It is very kind of you to look that up for me!
      I have definitely been tentatively looking into wholesalers for a bit now - from what I've found, the nearest wholesaler is an hour to 2 hours away ....Sadly, .further than my parents are too enthusiastic about driving me.
      As soon as I've got my drivers license, though, I'm definitely gonna try to start purchasing fruit from a wholesaler!
      Peace! (:

  2. Yay!! I'm definitely gonna be visiting your blog very often! Another young fruitarian! I'm not the only 'crazy' one xD Have a nice day! -Alyson Broskev

    1. Lol :D
      Thank you for the comment, you have a great one too! (: