Friday, May 18, 2012

Science Says: We Are Frugivores.

Recently, I've been reading up on the scientific side of my diet. I thought maybe I'd share some of this stuff with you guys, because it's kinda information that we really all should know.

Science Verifys That Humans Are Frugivores - a detailed description of the anatomy of us, vs. frugivores, carnivores, and herbivores

The Science Of Raw Food - there is a LOT of reading material here, but it's all good, solid information; a good part of it from accredited scientists, doctors, etc. If you're serious about learning about your diet, visit this website.

Are We Vegetarians Or Fruitarians - this is actually from the above website; talks about how fruits are the only nutritionally appropriate food for humans, and why. Also has a simple and easy to understand chart detailing anatomical differences between humans, frugivores, herbivores, and carnivores, and omnivores

The Milk Letter: A Message To My Patients - this isn't actually about fruitarianism at all, just milk. But it's super informative, and unbiased, too, actually. It's also by a doctor, by the way.

I'll definitely add more as I come across more, too! This is just the ones I've read recently that I really liked.

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