Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fruit Is Amazing!

(The photo doesn't even begin to do the day justice... but it was the best I could do. By the way, sorry for the giant Expedition and basketball. Hah.)

I just finished eating half of a delectable, juicy watermelon in the warm afternoon sun of an exceptionally beautiful mid-May day. Somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees, just enough breeze to cool you off ever so pleasantly... Absolutely no clouds in the sky... A variety of birds tweeting out their different tunes in the trees, and loads of insects buzzing around the moist, soft grass... Though oddly enough, they haven't gotten close enough to get annoying. It really is a most superb day.

Anyhow, my watermelon. I was eating it. I slowed down, And really looked at it. Thought about it. How amazing it is. Millions of teeny tiny little spheres seem to adhere to one another, suspending the sweet, pinkish juice... Creating that unique, melt-in-your mouth experience when you bite into the pink flesh.

The flavor was awesome. I couldn't remember anything like it. I realized - that's because I had never had anything like it. Every single piece of fruit is unique and different. No two flavors are exactly the same.... In a world where every morning you get the same flavor coffe from Starbucks, you enjoy the same flavors every time you eat ramen noodles or McDonalds or B-Dubs, and you get the same experience every time you suck on a lollipop or bite into a snickers bar.... Fruit is special. Fruit is unpredictable. Fruit is an adventure.

And how crazy are all the different kinds of fruit?! Every type of plant produces a fruit SO different from the next! A leaf.. Well, whether it comes from a head of kale or a head of romaine... It may be a bit differently, but honestly... They're still greens. They taste green. And they look like... A leaf. But honestly... Where is the semblance between a pineapple and cherry?! Every type fruit has different flavor and texture and colors and nutrients. That is incredible.

As I ate the watermelon, the world seemed so bright and beautiful. Birds sang to each other and branches full of bright green leaves swayed in the breeze as they harvest the suns energy. It must be hard work, though they make it look so effortless. And then they take that energy...and package it up into a sweet, delicious little package, all ready to nourish us heterotrophs.

How beautiful and miraculous it is that the world would create and provide us with such a perfect thing as fruit, at no cost to us. How wonderful it is that everything fits and works together so perfectly. How fantastic it is that I have the luxury of being able to take the time to sit and really appreciate and enjoy it all. And how amazing is watermelon?! How amazing is fruit!

My big post-watermelon belly.. Full, happy, and oh so content! My tummy's actually often considerably even bigger than this after eating a good meal. Don't be afraid to eat to much fruit! There's nothing hot about having a flat stomach and being miserable and grouchy 'cause you're starving!

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