Sunday, May 6, 2012


I was thinking today, about just how much I preach to people about my diet. I prattle on about it to my family, friends, people I barely know, the wide open internet... I spend so much time talking about the way I eat.

It is kind of a big deal for me. It is definately something I am passionate about, finding the 'perfect diet' (if it exists. Haha). I spend a lot more time on my diet, and learning about it. I guess I just invest a lot more in my diet than a lot of people do. And I think that might be part of the reason that I seem to have this insane need to defend the way I eat, and try to make other people understand.

But another reason is: I care, to put it simply. I have found something that works really well for me, and that I absolutely believe in. I want to share it with people I care about. I want my friends and family to have lots of energy. I even want to help that depressed freshman girl feel better about the world and about herself with this fruit diet. And I want to help you - that's (partially) why I post a lot of what I do on this blog. Because (I know it sounds cheesy) it really does make the whole world a better place. I believe you will have more energy and empathy and optimism and just.. So many more positive emotions and ideas, that will influence those around you. In addition, following a vegan or fruitarian diet contributes to a more violence and pain-free world, which is really an goal that we should all be striving towards however we can.

So, no, I am not going to stop annoying you, trying to share this information with you. It's sort of a moral dilemma for me, because I don't want to annoy people, with the message. I know people are often irritated with vegans for just this reason... But I can't sit by and watch people that I care about essentially destroying themselves with foods that they eat only because it's all they know to do. I will not silently watch as millions of animals are being brutally murderd, daily... Only to lead to chronic and detrimental diseases in the humans that ingest them. So, until you take responsibility for your own diet and the world around you, I am going to keep trying to share what I know with you. I guess it's just the kind of person I am. So, sorry. 

Anyhow, all not to say that I am absolutely sure this is the right diet at all. I'm just gonna keep preachin' as long as I believe it is. 'Cause as of today, based upon the information that I have and that I've gathered, I feel this is right. However, I might add that we are daily discovering new, important information about diet (and everything else!). None of us really knows nearly as much about anything as we all seem to assume. I think of how many times I have changed my mind concerning my diet, upon recieving new information, or even just new experiences. Three years ago, I wasn't even vegan and thought I was eating really healthily. I felt the same about the succeding veganism and raw veganism.

So yes, I realize that I'm not always right... And, for this reason, I wouldn't want anybody to make a decision about their diet based just on what I believe and say. What I really hope I can do is maybe just inspire enough curiosity in people to research their diet and learn abut their options and what's good for them, for themselves, and come to their own conclusions... And to help people who already have researched and have come to some of the same conclusion as I.

In addition to this... I know a lot of the terms and expressions and explanations that I use to explain why I eat the way I eat make it seem as though I think you're a terrible person if you choose to eat meat. I do feel that the action is absolutely wrong... But I really don't mean to sound condemning to you as a person.

To be perfectly honest, I do sometimes have issues with being compassionate towards people who chose to eat this way, just because... well, we all do have to share this world, and eating meat takes a pretty big toll on it, the environment, animals, my tax dollars (or, parents'. Haha).

However, it is absolutely wrong of me to judge somebody for their actions, from my point of view... When I do this, it's totally me at fault, and not the meat eater. I (and probably a lot of other vegetarians/vegans/fruitarians) need to remember this. I used to eat meat. It took me a long time to get to the place I'm at now in my diet... and I know (hope) that I am going to keep progressing. I recognize that we are not all at the same place in life, and we are not all emotionally, financially, mentally, whatever.. ready to go vegan/fruitarian. Or wanting to go vegan/fruitarian. It's easy for me to forget that sometimes, but... no matter how you eat and choose to live your life, (even if that includes making dumb comments about my diet,) I promise, I don't believe that you are less of a person for chosing to eat differently, or follow a different path in life than I am chosing.

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