Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boobcups Are The Dumbest Thing Ever.

Boobcups in bikinis and swimsuits (I think they're technically called swimsuit inserts, or something politically correct like that) are, in my humble opinion, the dumbest thing ever.

They don't even support your boobs. Their sole purpose is basically to hide your nipples and make your boobs look more uniform.

There are SO many subversive messages to females, making us believe that we and our bodies are something that should be covered up, hidden, or changed, to be acceptable.

It's such bullshit. Keeping us worried about our bodies and image and not about things that matter, ftw.

If nothing else, take out those boobcups ladies! Why on earth should you be ashamed of your nipples poking through the fabric?! They are essentially NO DIFFERENT then those on every topless man around you.

Photo from facebook page