Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When I Die,

I don't want to be embalmed! I don't want to be cremated!

I want to be dumped right back into the ground, where my energy and my matter can rejoin the earth...and the unverse!

I don't want my energy to be used up in a silly, human-induced fire! And NO horrible chemicals in me, please.

Why would somebody want their physical human form to last forever (thousands of years..), seperate from the rest of...everything? That doesn't sound peaceful. I don't want to extend my ego while I'm alive - much less, it doesn't need to be encouraged when I'm dead! I realize I am nothing but a small part if the universe.

But it is not and never has been me against the universe. It is not me and the universe. I AM the universe.

And when this is realized, death becomes so much more than the end of my consciousness.

And after I am dead, I wish for my physical form to rejoin the incredible, ever-changing, ever-moving infinity that is the universe. Disperse my atoms, let my energy go to a thousand different places. May the matter that makes me one day be a bird. A hundred plants. New, beautiful people. And eventually, cosmic dust. Meteors. Stars. Planets. Life forms so far away that the human race will never be able to reach them.

That sounds so much better than sitting in a box in the ground, stuffed full of chemicals. Don't you think so?

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  1. Right on sista :-D

  2. ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
    When we die, we become star dust once again!

  3. I want to jump/have body be thrown into the ocean so I can be free forever and explore the unknown.