Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tomato-Orange Salad Dressing

This raw salad dressing is fat free and salt free for optimal health!

I put this dressing on a salad I shared with my SAD parents, and they loved it! It's super flavorful, tangy, creamy, and sweet - just the right balance! It makes a great sauce for raw pasta, too.

—¼ container grape tomatoes, or 1 tomato
—2 oranges
—⅓c sundried tomatoes (soaked)
—2 cloves garlic
—oregano, to taste
—basil, to taste

1) Blend oranges until smooth & creamy.

2) Add sundried tomato & garlic. Blend until smooth.

3) Add fresh tomato and herbs. Blend more for a smoother dresssing, less for chunkier dressing.

4) Pour over salad of your choice and enjoy!

Peace. 