Monday, September 24, 2012

The Wolves & The Deer..

As hunting season draws near, I am subjected to enduring the regular discussions of all the rednecks I share my high school with, as they all eagerly anticipate the return of their favorite activity....being all manly, sitting in a tree, shooting deer with big antlers to hang on their wall.

One of these such individuals favorite reasons to give for why they hunt, is because they need to control the deer population, otherwise the deer would starve in the winter. And this is true. But I wonder whether any of them ever actually bothered to stop and wonder why we have to control the deer population? Doesn't it seem odd that every other species has a perfect natural system of checks and balances, but the deer don't?

Well, if you think about it, it's not hard to know why. It's because we've hunted the natural predator of the deer - wolves - to near extinction. And it's still legal to hunt wolves, with a permit. Why?!

It can't be because wolves logically pose a threat to human lives - significantly more people are attacked by dogs than by wolves each year. So the only possible excuse for killing wolves, must be that they kill and/or eat farmers' livestock.

So, I realized that I had just come upon yet another problem that a global switch to veganism would solve! We would finally be able to stop killing wolves, and in turn, we would no longer have to kill deer either! The ecosystem would finally be able to return to its own natural balance!

There are just so many reasons to give up meat. So. Many. Reasons. Come on already, jump on the wagon, join the vegan party and save lives, the environment, the ecosystem, the rainforest, and your health!



  1. I never thought of the wolf aspect.

  2. Unfortunately most people are determined to stay in a self destructive cycle.

    1. Most of the population causes their own problems and chooses to blatantly make vegans look insane.
      Keep spreading the word and never look back.