Thursday, September 27, 2012


I don't like to look at people as "vegans" or "meat-eaters". No. No, I much prefer to see all these such people as "pre-vegans" - simply people who have not yet recieved the information that they need to be inspired to go vegan.

Surely, for everybody this reason will be different.

Personally, it was the health aspects for me - with a little bit of ethics sprinkled generously on top.

For others, it may be humanitarian reasons - wishing to end the starvation caused in third world countries by the western world's excessive meat consumption.

Some may be concerned entirely with the dismal treatment of factory-farmed animals.

Yet others may be moved by evironmental reasons.

Luckily, there are so many fantastic benefits to just about everybody through a vegan diet, so unless somebody literally does not care about anything there must be some aspect of veganism that will appeal to each individual.

At any rate, never be discouraged or inclined to stop sharing your veganism with those around you. You never know what could be that one little fact or statistic or picture or explanation that will just click with somebody.

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  1. If I may just add... one point (or quality of a person) you are missing is an open mind.(also a will to learn the truth and the will to change)
    you can have all the reasons in the world for going vegan, but unfortunately many in today's society either don't want to learn, don't have the strength, or simply not open to the whole discussion. So much today rests upon the food culture, that for many, a change in diet means a change to their whole identity.
    nevertheless, one with closed mind isn't doomed to remain as such for ever and, perhaps, on his own may stumble on something that will help him understand what we feel.
    so many people told me, that vegan-ism, "technically sounds great and all, but I'll never be able give up the meat". I really don't know whether they didn't really listen, or so blind and programmed that whatever you say just goes into one ear and comes out the other. or may be they have to come to the information when they are ready instead of it being forced upon them.
    I totally agree with your opinion on the reasoning people into it (it worked on my mom, unfortunately didn't for my dad, ironically, since he is a pretty reasonable individual), there is a potential in the humanity, unfortunately so many people are apathetic, the potential so slim, it's scary.

    p.s. sorry for letting my comment go wildly long, =P should've just made a blog about it haha