Monday, October 8, 2012

I Don't Understand.

I just don't understand it. I don't understand why somebody who choose NOT to live high carb, whole plant-based. People tell me it's because they "couldn't live without meat". No. No, you live in a society that insists you could never live without meat. Don't let media, advertising, and other people hold you hostage!

Who would want to have to spend their life counting calories, jumping from one miserable fad/starvation diet to another, in a futile effort to lose a few lbs?
Who wants to smell like BO after going for a run or after just a day or two without showering?
Who wants to live their life awaiting or dreading the day that they become obese, or are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease?
Who wouldn't want to take charge of their own health?
Who wouldn't want to eat AS MUCH food as they care for, without being concerned with getting fat?
Who wouldn't want to never have a cold or get sick?
Who wouldn't want to have loads of energy, and be happy for no reason whatsoever?
Who wouldn't want to follow a HEALTHY diet that had them eating only things that taste delicious to them?
Who wouldn't want to eat in a way that makes perfect sense anatomically, evolutionarily, and logically?
Who wouldn't want to be LFRV?

People tell me they couldn't because they love meat too much. Just try it for a couple months. The appeal of animal carcass pales next to the vibrancy, life, happiness, and energy brought into your life through the exciting, unique flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Because not everyone has experienced what you have experienced... if you dig deep into why you're doing what you're doing, and all of the experiences which have motivated you to do so, and all the support you've had, and everything you've read, etc... it will become clear that not everyone has had that. You won't convince them with a few sentences, because it probably took a lot more than that for you too. Not only did you hear an adequate amount of information, but also every aspect of your life and your beliefs were aligned so that you were ready do do something with that information. I think if you have grace on people, and understand this, you'll not only be able to help many people where they are at, but you avoid going crazy trying to understand it all in the process :)