Friday, September 21, 2012

Might Piss Off Some Nationalistic Spaniards,

I hate bullfighting. I hate the idea that an entire people is enthralled with sombody exploiting and killing an animal. Congrats, you fucking coward.

 We're learning about it in my "clasé de Español" right now, and I'm seriously angry.

 They keep the bull in the dark for a day before the fight, did you know that? So it's disoriented when the fight starts. There are THREE guys that team up on a single bull, using weapons to pick on it. They wave that cape in its face. They poke it with these spear-like things. And after making a lovely fucking show out of the bull's torture, they kill it.

When a matador dies, it's a tragedy. Why is it so hard for these sick, desensatized zombies to feel at all bad for the BULL, who also suffers, has feelings, and emotions?! It's wrong. :/

 Bullfighting is pathetic. It is the epitimy of cowardice and bullying.

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