Saturday, January 12, 2013

Super Creamy Green Protein Pasta

The first thing anybody ever says when they find out you are vegan is, "but where do you get your protien?!" We are warned (incorrectly) to make sure we're eating lots of protien to replace the meat that we've left off of our plates. While that's pretty much a giant load of BS that they've swallowed fed to them by the multi-million dollar meat & animal secretion industries, it does make sense that people might be worried about this.

I don't think anybody actually has anything to worry about, but the placebo effect can work wonders. So if you're worried about your protien (or just craving a healthy, savory, low fat meal!), this recipe is for you.

Is not only packed with protien (at just over 20g per serving), but its one of the tastiest, creamiest low fat meals I've had!

Here is my latest creation, Creamy Green Protein Pasta.

—3 cucumbers
—15 small dates

—1c greens
—1c peas
—1c water
—¼ avocado
—Singapore Salt-Free Seasoning (found at Penzey's)

1) Spiralize cucumbers
2) Chop dates

3) Blend greens with water
4) Add peas and blend again
5) Add avocado and blend one last time

6) Pour sauce over noodles & dates
7) Sprinkle Singapore Seasoning on top liberally (if you dont have singapore seasoning, its basically a curry with lemon and black pepper)


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  1. This looks amazing! I need to try it. You use the peas raw? Never tried that. Atm I don't have any peas anyway so i'll do it without them and add some tomatoes. :)