Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Body Is The Universe

My body is the Universe.

Every atom that is me
Has unfathomable history—

One may have been a king
In his kingdom long ago...

...could have been a petal
On the blossom of a peach tree...

...a meteor
Hurdling through the galaxy...

...or a star, 
Shining long before the earth was formed;

My body is a million histories
But it's all one Reality.

I am Everything that ever was:
And everything that will ever be
Will be the Same matter that is me

No, I am not an individual
but rather
the Universe, with its ever-changing form:

Converging here, Destructing there
All but One Consciousness. All but One Existance.

So if I may as well be you,
And you could very well be me,

How hard is it to Love?
How difficult is Peace?

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