Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Changed My Blog, Changed My Mind!

Today, I was in Madison, doing some shopping for expensive healthy/delicious food that I figured it was okay to splurge on... even though I'm on a budget - Saturday's my birthday after all! Haha, anyhow, I was at Whole Foods Market eating a lovely salad consisting of greens, tomatoes, parsley, sweet corn, and a little bit of garlic (I don't know how I feel about that. I will do some reflecting in the next few days and decide. Haha), when I realized something.

I really enjoy eating vegetables. I've found that at times I feel compelled to eat greens, plain - just as I would fruit. Moreover, I have been doing significant amounts of reading in the past weeks from accredited scientists and anthropologists who do indeed support the theory that humans certainly are designed to bem, and naturally are, frugivores. (I'll try to remember to post some links in the near future!) However, I am aware that there are no perfect fruitarians in nature - frugivores eat mainly fruit, but also indulge in leaves and succulant vegetables when they feel the need.

While fruits are an excellent source of minerals, vegetative matter such as greens contain a much better supply of some necessary vitamins.

I still do believe that fruit is certainly the optimal diet for humans, being frugivores, and should certainly make up the majority of a person's diet. However, I no longer wish to advocate a 100% fruit diet for health reasons. Spiritually... maybe in future I will continue down the road of 100% fruit. But I am done decieving myself into believing that it is the most healthful thing to eat just fruits.

At this point, I am officially chosing to willingly partake in the ingestion of vegetative matter, that does not *kill* the plant. This will include things like greens (though perhaps not baby greens), broccoli, ...I can't think of anything else right now. Haha. I will continue abstaining from eating things that directly cause the death of the plant, such as modified-stem vegetables like kohlrabi or potatoes, or root veggies like beet and carrots.

Since I have made this decision, it would be a lie to continue titling my blog, "I Was A Teenage Fruitarian", so, I have changed it to "Embracing My Inner Frugivore" - because I continue to believe that we are all designed to eat a raw, fresh, frugivorous diet, just like our early ancestors and the members of the ape family that science tells us we evolved from.

As I have said before: As I have done now, I change my views on diet and what is healthy and good for me all the time, based on new experiences and information made available to me. The things I advocate are certainly the things I believe in at the time - but I am a 15 year old girl, I'm certainly not a scientist. While I have to assume my beliefs are pretty close to right (haha), I'm certainly not 100% correct, and not qualified to be a solid resource. However, I certainly invite you to do more research on your own to verify my assertions.

Eat fruit (and greens, haha), be healthy, be happy! G'day to you.

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