Thursday, June 14, 2012

Youtube Videos!

So, my friend has recently jumped on board with veganism, and of course we have every reason to be thrilled!


In addition, it's certainly worth remembering that by eating vegan you are also declining to support an industry that enslaves and murders millions of animals in a single day.

Anyhow, after learning of all this, Brittany was convinced - and not only that! She's feeling very passionate about her decision! So, we were inspired to begin a YouTube series documenting her progress and experiences as/becoming a vegan, as well as discussing some important tips for succeeding on a vegan diet, as well as going in depth on why we should all work towards being vegan ourselves!
This series will be exceptionally nice for you if you love learning about the raw, vegan, fruitarian, 80-10-10, or any other diets of the sort - as we plan to (at least briefly) cover them all!

In addition, these videos are seriously just going to be a lot of fun! We both have a lot of personality, and a lot to say... And I'm sure this is going to shine through in these videos! (Can you tell I'm a little excited? Haha.)

This is our first video. It just discusses the reasons that Brittany chose to go vegan!

Second video, Brittany's first mono fruit meal! She discusses some of the simple reasons that mono meals, if possible, are always the best!

There will be more coming! And they'll be posted here - if you're interested, subscribe on here or on YouTube, and have an amazing, fruit-filled day!

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