Monday, November 18, 2013

Deep Breath

Deep breath, so deep.
Fill my lungs
With sweet carbon smoke

It's swirling upwards,
Painting a monochromatic
In crisp, cool air

Breathe deep,
I am awake.
Vibrant colors all around

Fiery reds
and golden leaves
Fall gently
When a breath moves through the trees.

Firm, supple ground
Beneath my feet;
Deep green mosses
At my toes

Rich black soil
The past from which
The forest now grows

And leaves fall too
Beginning again,
Back to the earth.

I'm walking now.
The forest changes
at my feet.

From cool, moist earth
To firm,
Dry with grasses

Warm, safe, golden sun
Cuts through
Fresh autumn air

Laying down I meet some locusts
And a fly or two.
Living it up
Before the air gets cold.

And cicadas still hum,
Closing the year
With that high-pitched little song.

The sun grows hot
As my eyes grow heavy
Cicadas hum in soft, warm blackness

Deep breath, so deep.
The forest fills my lungs

Swirling upwards now
Painting a monochromatic
In crisp, cool air.

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