Friday, October 4, 2013

Drug Of The Nation

Disclaimer: this post has little, if any, relevance to my blog.

Ok, so we can agree that caffeine is our societies "chosen drug", right? Everybody uses caffeine.

What if, one day in the future once weed has been legalized....lots more people start becoming open to it, and everyone starts smokin' it. Food production companies start putting it in prepared foods and stuff, and within however many generations, weed has saturated society, like caffeine has today.

Get what I'm saying?

The entire underlying fabric of our culture would change, with that simple change in substances we're putting in our body. Instead of being rushed, always busy, super competitive and always left feeling like there's something missing, we would instead be a loving, accepting, chill, thoughtful, friendly, (though maybe a little forgetful and aimless) society.

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