Sunday, March 4, 2012

Almost Fruitarian.

Dad was never entirely on board with my being fruitarian. He thinks it's too restrictive, he's afraid I'll become malnourished, whatever. He never just told me that I couldn't do it though. Maybe because he respects me and my ability to make my own decisions, maybe because he knows that I'm stubborn and that would make me that much more determined to do this.

I've always had a problem with him drinking coffee, though. And the manipulative bastard knows this (haha). So, he made a deal. If I added vegetables back to my diet, he would quit coffee. After some haggling (you could say) and some discussion... We arrived at a decision. He will quit coffee, I will add vegetables that do not cause the death of the plant back into my diet (things like kale leaves, herbs, etc).

As much as I would like to follow a 100% fruitarian diet, and I resent the fact that I am manipulated into giving this up, I certainly don't feel that greens will do an extensive amount of harm to my health, and I believe that to borrow a leaf from an arugula plant is far less destructive than to destroy the life of a coffee tree before it has even had a chance... Not to mention that Daddy will certainly be so much healthier without coffee in his life.

So I guess, though I am hesitant, it is a good trade, and it is something that, though it feels a little corrupt and wrong...I can be happy in, in a way.

So, a week from now, I will be 'almost fruitarian.'

I want to be clear though. I still believe fruit is the natural diet for humans. We are frugivores. I am being held in this limbo against my will. If you are in a position where you are free to switch to a diet of all fruit, do it. Do it, you frugivore!

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