Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Will I Always Eat This Way?

A friend of mine asked me that last week. I didn't know, I don't know. How could I? Today is today, I don't know what will come tomorrow. I don't know what I will want tomorrow.

Maybe there will suddenly be a disease that wipes out everything but potatoes, corn and wheat worldwide. Though ideally I wouldn't be eating those things, they would keep me alive. Perhaps, I'll find out I have some disease and need to eat calf liver in order to stay alive and get enough B-12. Maybe, I'll just decide I don't want to do it anymore.

Maybe I'll decide something else is healthier, that I would be better off eating otherwise. I thought my diet was the greatest back when I was just starting out eating 'healthy' - brown rice and organic beef and things. I thought I couldn't get a lot better when I was vegan. Then I went raw, and that was the best. And now I'm here. Who knows where I'll be tomorrow?

So yes; at this point, ideally, I like to think that I will always eat this way. But in reality, things and conditions and realities and beliefs change every day, and I realize that. We need to be fluid, always learning and changing. We can't be so sure of ourselves, that we are sure everything else is wrong. To insist upon being stubbornly immovable and closed to any other ideas, to any other options would not encourage improvement or advancement at all, and I never want to be that girl, that person.

So, maybe I will always feel exactly how I do now, that fruit is the optimal diet for humans and for the world, and will spend the rest of my life perusing this style of eating, this philosophy, and this lifestyle. I believe in it whole-heartedly today, and for today - that's good enough.

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