Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, I Can Eat That.

I don't know about anyone else - maybe its just pride or something - but it's always kind of been a pet peeve of mine, when people say stuff like, "Can you eat that?" or, "This is cooked, you can't eat it."

I understand they're just trying to help, but really?

No. I can eat whatever I want. I've made a moral and rational choice to abstain from eating anything but fresh fruits. Much like you make the moral and reasonable choice to not hit your baby brother, or to knaw your own hand off. Is it that you can't do these things? No, you are perfectly capable. But you are aware that it would be a foolish and wrong thing to do, so you don't.

Not only that, but why do you feel need to remind me? I've been vegan since I was like 13. Raw since was 14, and fruitarian for almost half a year now. I'll remember, don't worry.

I think a lot of it for me is that I have an issue with being told what to do, with authority. And part of eating differently is a control thing for me. Like, I'm deciding what to eat and put into my body - when somebody tries to take that away from me, it frustrates me a little.

It's probably not entirely healthy too feel this way. But no more pointful than someone else spending their time worrying about my diet, which I happen to have totally under control. Thanks.


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