Sunday, April 8, 2012


Pre-fruitarian photos:

Beginning of freshman year; About a year and a half ago; I was vegan.

Last summer; 8 months ago maybe?; High-fat (gourmet) raw vegan.

So... sadly enough, I can't give you an awesome, encouraging before and after story, because I've always been in the healthy weight range, more or less.
However, I know that lots of people are always looking for photos of fruitarians, to see their weight, whether they look healthy.. and all that I guess. So, I thought I'd post some photos of me on a fruitarian diet... Just for reference.

These last ones were all taken within a week-ish of one another.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 102
BMI: About 18.7 (healthy)
Age: 15
Fruitarian for about half a year.


  1. Fruitylicious ;-)

  2. clean up the room, it looks like it need a good scrub

  3. Wow, you look beautiful! This diet must be a miracle! I would love to see some more recent photos to see how you have progressed, and how this diet is working! Love this diet idea! :)

    1. Here is a more recent before & after photo thing I did: