Monday, April 2, 2012


Haven't felt this much
Since last time I saw you.

You're here,
With me.

I pull you in for a hug.
Your mouth moves
As if to kiss my longing lips.

The air is charged with emotion
As we both remember
And hastily return to our hug
With even tighter grip.

Again your lips move toward mine
I close my eyes
You can tell how badly I want,
But I press my face into your neck.

Look up to kiss your cheek
Lips meet.

Right and wrong disappear.
Tomorrow and yesterday no longer matter.
In a shining, explosive moment,
The universe aligns

I am right where I should be
My lips melt into yours;
We are one,

This moment is all there is,
You and I are everything.
And it's all I need
And I need it forever.

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