Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Raw Veganism

I was vegan for a year, and then raw vegan for a year after that, before making the switch to fruitarianism just over a month ago; Looking back, I feel like a huge hypocrite, because people would ask me about why I was vegan, and things like that, and I would preach about how it's so terrible the way we kill animals and everything, all while munching on a carrot.

I definately understand why a person would decide to be vegetarian or vegan - the killing of animals is definately a lot more noticable, and a lot more heartwrenching; It's so easy for us to grow attatched to pets and cute little animals, so it makes sence that people would make the decision to become vegetarian, or take that extra step and become vegan or raw. And don't get me wrong, I think it's a great thing; It upsets me beyond words, the way we use animals for food; the way we treat them like their soul purpose in life is to serve us, to be used by us for food.

But then, you really think about it - and you realize that we vegans and vegetarians are doing the same thing, looking at vegetables, and the plants of the world, as a substance that is here just for us to exploit; a resource that we don't think twice about pulling ruthlessly from the ground, stripping of their leaves, or cutting down - and we think it's ok, just because it doesn't protest, it doesn't bleed. We don't think about the fact that the lettuce that we're eating, was a peaceful, healthy plant, that ligitimately never hurt anything; That almond we're eating, was a baby plant, that's never going to get a chance at life now; That tree we cut down to show off our holiday spirit? All it did it's whole life was provide a home for animals, berries for birds to eat, oxygen for us to breathe, while its roots held the land in place, so we didnt have to worry about land errosion when it rained.

A plant truly is the one innocent being; it spends its life serving, creating for other species. It is the kind of organism that we should all be striving to be, not a resource that we destroy and exploit at our leisure, simply because it won't fight back, it has no voice to remind us of everything it does for us, it has no blood to remind us that it's still murder.

So that is why I'm posting today; To try and express what the autotrophs can't; To try and fight back for those who won't. ❤

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