Thursday, December 29, 2011

Delicious, Easy, Murder-Free Enchiladas!

I don't generally eat dried things, or mixtures of things ('recipes'), because if your body doesn't want the food by itself, you shouldn't try to trick yourself into enjoying it by mixing it with other things. In my defense, I at least do know that I do enjoy these foods fresh, raw, and I think it was ok to treat myself this once.

That said, it was Christmas, and my whole family was getting together. For their meal, they were having traditional enchiladas. Obviously, I wasn't gonna touch those - but I was raw vegan for a while, totally into making recipes that resembled 'normal' food...So I got to thinking: dried zucchini tortillas, sauce made with rehydrated chiles, blended, and filled with avocado and tomatoes.

Well, I tried it - and it was delicious! So, I thought, maybe to get someone a little hooked, I'd share the yummy, guilt free recipe for someone to try.

Ingredients (to make 2 enchiladas)
1 zucchini
1/4 c. Chile powder
2 tbsp tomato juice
Enough water to rehydrate chile powder
1/4 - 1/2 avocado - depending on how full you want the enchiladas
1/2 - 1 Roma tomato

For the zucchini tortillas:
Grated the zucchini pretty fine, about the size you'd grate parmesan cheese; then separated the zucchini into 2 equal piles (more or less) on a dehydrator tray; flattened the piles so they were about half an inch thick. Dehydrated 9-10 hrs.
Note: dehydrating the zucchini, gave it green, herby, and pleasantly sweet flavor.. Nothing like raw zucchini. It was interesting, worked well with the dish.
Also, the zucchini tortillas were pretty careful with them.
Another thing...these 'tortillas' will obviously not be white or yellow, they'll be green - but again, I promise, they're delicious!
And lastly, if you do not own a dehydrator, I suppose if you wanted you could use your oven, set at it's lowest temperature, and leave the door open a little.

For the sauce:
Put 1/4 c chile power in a small mixing bowl, with tomato juice. Stirred in warm water until the sauce was a good consistency (not super thin, but not too thick...probably about the constancy of yogurt, maybe a bit thinner). You may have to add more water as time goes on, because the chile will rehydrate and absorb water, causing the mixture to become thicker. Finally, throw in a little salt to bring out the flavors.
You may have extra left over, you can save it in your refrigerator for a short while.

For the filling:
Just mash up the avocado, then dice the tomato and mix it in.
Note: save the avocado pit, it makes a gorgeous house plant, or, if you live in a warm place - even better, you can have your own avocado tree! Google how to grow an avocado tree, there are lots of good step-by-step explanations.

Put tortillas on plate, put avocado half avocado mixture on one, half on the other. Fold the tortilla over, put the sauce on top (not too much - you don't want to overpower the other flavors), and enjoy!

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