Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things I Need To Work On

We all have flaws. You have flaws, I definitely have flaws. That I need to work on, because the've been bothering me. They do bother me. A few in particular.

One of these few...is my tendency to find flaw in others. To look at others and say that's wrong. It's not a very positive thing, it's not a positive point of view, and it really doesn't help anybody, to find flaws in things. The only way it would be even remotely beneficial, was if I spent more time finding and fixing flaws in myself, and less worrying about what others are doing. I've never wanted to be a person who lead or influenced through words. I want to be a person that acts out what she believes in, and so perhaps liberate others to do so as well.

Another thing I definately need to put more effor into changing, is my tendency to eat because something tastes good, or because somebody else wants me to eat, whatever, and not just because I'm hungepry, empty. I had problems with it eating an SAD, I ate whenever I felt like it when I was a vegan, and I sometimes ate even though I wasn't hungry as a raw vegan. It's a really dumb habit, that I know isn't good for me. I shouldnt be doing it. It's one of the 7 deadly sins or something. So, I am going to work a lot harder, in the coming weeks, months, years, and so on - on eating only when my body is telling me I need nutrients. Not cuz I'm bored, not because bananas are delicious, not because Moms worried that I didn't eat enough.

Another thing I want to work on, is frustration. I get so frustrated with people, who I view as stupid or ignorant, who have beliefs...that differ from my own. Whether it be on hunting, killing, politics, the eating of meat, whatever, I need to work on not letting that effect me the way it does, and I need to work on expressing my opinions on the topic more..politely, as well, and back them up with more fact and less opinion.

Self improvement is an important thing - the moment you become content to stay the way you are, imperfect, the moment you stop growing. And if your not growing, learning, changing every day... What's the poiint of existing? So these are just a few of the things that I feel I really need, and more than that, want, to work on improving in myself.

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