Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two Day Streak!

It's been two days since i promised baby Hendrik/Haven and myself to put only the best in our bodies. I'm excited to spend the remainder of my pregnancy and his/her childhood providing not only a good example, but also ensuring that my child has unlimited access to fruit and delectably prepared veggie dishes.

I always felt like the reason kids don't like vegetables is because nobody knows how to prepare vegetables so they taste really good! Nobody puts passion and love into the vegetables that have so much potential to nourish their families. Nobody except raw vegans that is!!! I have eaten some incredibly tasty foods... comprised of nothing but raw unadulterated vegetables, fruits, and spices! Making them just takes a little more effort than pb&js and a little more of a learning curve than making hamburger helper for dinner. There's a lot more uncharted territory when it comes to cooking - or not - with vegetables.

Anyway, it's day two and I am feeling so great! Even though I am in week 14 of my pregnancy and morning sickness is no longer supposed to be debilitating, I've still been throwing up (and not just in the morning). Today, however, I woke up with no nausia at all. I also just feel remarkably clearheaded and happy. I was in such a good mood all day at work too. All thanks to a sudden massive influx in vitamins, minerals, living food, and superior hydration in just one day. I'm excited for how I feel tomorrow after eating this way for 3 days!

Anyhow yesterday for breakfast i had an apple and a banana-frozen-strawberry-oj smoothie. It's literally the best smoothie in all the land. I used to eat A QUART OR MORE of it every day for breakfast. The combination is so good! It should be a staple food for everybody, vegan or raw vegan, because it's just so easy and tasty and filling. And nutritious! Talk about a great way to get your fiber and vitamin c in.

For lunch I ate fruitarian sushi, another favorite of mine back when I ate all raw. I will create a recipe soon.

Dinner was creamy cucumber noodles, recipe once I get at a computer. These so simple. And so good, another all time favorite from when I was raw.

I was hungry just a little later so I also made myself 2 eggs, and black beans wrapped in corn tortilla shell with enchilada sauce. Another win, super good, and a great, healthy way to push in some protien for me and baby (: I've decided to modify the diet from how I used to follow it, to include quality protiens like eggs and legumes.

Today I woke up and had a smoothie for breakfast. Lunch was apples. Here's dinner:

But nom tho!! BBQ shredded carrots! Wrapped in homegrown cabbage leaves with a dill pickle. (: Here's a link to the recipe.

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