Thursday, February 23, 2012

For The Sake Of Science

Dissections today in science. Made me so mad. How is it so important that a few science students witness a few freaking organ systems, that it's worth these living organisms not getting a chance at life? It's freaking sick.

I started crying. It was sort of embarrassing. People kept hugging me, trying to reassure me, "It's okay." NO! It's not! All these innocent organisms were murdered, deprived of any chance at a life - and people are saying its ok?

And the teacher, kept going on and on about how we had to look at them as lab tools, not pets that we are cutting into - but either way, they should be alive right now. They should be free, rooting in the ground, having more adorable piglets - but no. They were killed just before they would have been born.
And everybody was handling them SO disrespectfully.
The least the teacher could have done was take a moment to stop and thank the animal for its life, apologize that it had to be taken so that we could learn - but no. Instead, he tries to reassure us that it's ok, by reminding us that these pigs were killed FOR science, that otherwise they would just be slaughtered, that lots of pigs are born every year, this one doesn't really matter. What gives us the authority to decide that THIS one didn't deserve to live?

It's so frustrating, though, because if we weren't dissecting them..they would be raised in a barn, living in their own feces, then boiled to death in a disgusting, inhumane slaughterhouse...

Its so wrong. There's so much left to improve. So much to get better; But despite this, once more, I will continue to believe that things will get better in time. I do believe that it may well take a long time. Far longer than my own life. But eventually, as a dominant, intelligent species, we must realize that every life is as valuable as our own, every life is significant and beautiful and one of a kind and unreplaceable.

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